February 05, 2014

Australia Road Trip (Instagram)

Exciting news. I'm currently on a road trip through Australia. I started off in Sydney and went to Melbourne to meet a good
friend of mine and two other german backpackers.

On Saturday morning we began our trip to Adelaide, saw amazing landscapes along the Great Ocean Road and will head to
the Outback tomorrow.

There's rarely good internet here (or internet at all) so I won't be able to post regularly.

I will be posting pictures on Instagram whenever I get internet so make sure you're following me there:

Instagram: @lnthmr

Have a good one!

1 comment:

Elisabeth G.G. said...

Hey =)

I'm so glad i found your blog! I love your photos and the way you look at things ... Also the editing you do is very good ..
I'm looking forward for more beautiful pictures! =)