February 17, 2014

Australia Part One - Sydney and Melbourne

3 weeks ago, I started my Australia adventure/trip with a 4 day stay in Sydney and a 2 day stay in Melbourne. So before the
adventure really started, I got to see two amazing australian big cites.

Hope you like these, I promise the next posts will show more adventurous/exciting pictures! (Also, I will be more tanned)

(First half taken in Sydney except outfit picture, second half taken in Melbourne)

See ya! (As the real Aussie would say)


Alex Terner said...

love all pics!


Lena said...

Die Bilder sind so ausdrucksstark und erwecken einfach nur pures Fernweh in mir. Viel Spaß noch und genieß die Zeit!! :)
Liebst Lena

Amanda Chic said...

amazing style

Twitter / tumblr/ instagram: @fashionrlounge

A chic kiss ;)

Alex Montilla said...

What a beautiful city! Beautiful photos.